Thursday, May 1, 2008

Biking the streets of New York

No it's not the traffic. It's the streets. Seeing my bike people almost instantly ask me how I dare biking in this city. And then add - the cab drivers must be freaking you out. No not at all. Quite on the contrary cab drivers and bikers ride in symbiosis. No it's the streets. Filled with holes and bumps craving for attention. Part from that - biking is absolutely fab and in no way more dangerous than driving or walking. And the perfect way of commuting. Seeing so much more than a few subway stops and a couple of parks. All those streets and avenues connecting the main areas. And the small non-touristy homie parts.


linda said...

Just discovered your blog through the comments on Anne's Food. I am coming to NEw York in August for a few days and am devouring your blog in anticipation!

Elina Jonsson said...

oh thats great..! your first visit..?

hope you will enjoy my blog until then and please feel free to ask any questions on nyc :)