Monday, August 25, 2008

For my Swedish readers

For those of you who understand Swedish - or how to manage the Google translator - I am now a columnist at the Swedish travel site Enjoy my first column on The Beaches of New York..!


Anonymous said...

shout out to your blog. It's very interesting to see some different impressions from NY. I'm looking forward to work over there in 5 or 6 years.
Keep on posting and greetings from switzerland

Elina Jonsson said...

Thank you..!

New York is amazing - especially to live for a while.

Actually I'm just about to move to Geneva for a few months - so let me know if you have any recommandations there..!

Anonymous said...

Any recommandations, I don't really know what's interesting for a foreign person. But I think the most things you will descry yourself. (If there is something special about switzerland or geneva you really wanna know just ask me!)
But one recommandation I give you: If you like wine, check out:

In my opinion there isn't such a big difference between Sweden and Switzerland. At least i had this impression when I was in Stockholm.