Saturday, March 29, 2008

About strolling

Strolling New York is my way of experiencing and exploring our beautiful city. I am not - have never been and will never be - a tourist. Anywhere. Touristing gives me angst and a wish to be elsewhere. I live places. Giving myself plenty of time and space.

Therefore this blog is for that someone who - like me - wants to see and breathe this city. Without trashing whining and complaining. Without chafed feet and time running. Strolling for the cupcake cafés vintage shops cycle tracks book stores wifi spots. Anything that I appreciate myself. Feel free to post comments recommendations suggestions corrections - or just pure and plain love.

Part from my dashing and sizzling short stories I will provide with useful info such as addresses hours and links. All posts are marked with the areas used in NFT and found through my search engine.
* Rethink the trip to NYC. The pollution of a flight from Europe to NYC way overshadows a short stay as a tourist. Either postpone the trip or stay for a longer time while you are at it.
* All photos on this blog are my own - part from logos of course - and I do appreciate if anyone who uses my photos links back to this page.
* No company is sponsoring me. The blog is not commercial.

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