Saturday, July 5, 2008

Riding the subway

On the subway today a couple stands in front of me. Artistically dressed. Somehow I realise I am not the only one noticing. So does the cute mom with two kids who smiled at me before and the elderly sympathetic man next to me and the too-cool-for-school girl opposite me. Something is out of the ordinary. The young woman has a flared skirt and a hairband and the young man has a shirt and a vest. When they start kissing even more people look and then look down.

Suddenly the woman leaves the man and goes to the other end of the car. Without looking all of us are now watching. The man turns around takes a few steps grabs the bar and cries Oh Juliet..! The woman is at the bar at the other end and desperately echoes Oh Romeo..! Then a short dialogue by Shakespeare follows. They were excellent. Gave me the goose bumps all over. When the show was over we all clapped our hands while they told us we had just seen the project Shakespeare on the Subway.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that two talented young people have taken the time to bring Shakespeare to the streets. The poetic way you described the event has put me on the look out to see New City's subway Romeo and his Juliette falling in love. It's that kind of magic that makes me love my city. Who ever you are, don't stop until I see you.

Elina Jonsson said...

thank you for your compliments on my writing. yes indeed. this moment was magic and i was so lucky to pick this one car. love the small daily surprises of new york.

maybe you will find them if you check my link above. good luck..!

Elina Jonsson said...

...or maybe you should have your own subway project...? i promise i would write abt it.