Friday, May 16, 2008

Supercute and supercheap

Everyone coming to New York keeps talking about SoHo and 5th Ave and Century 21. Well. Loads of tourists and cheap clothes sold for dear dollars. Personally I prefer the outskirt vintage shops - the shadier streets of China Town - and the random shops. As Joyce Leslie. Looks cheap in more than one way - but given a second chance it reveals a basement filled with supercute dresses. Did I say supercute. Supercute. $10-20. Also check out the customers for inspiration. Staff can't be blamed for being friendly but are on the other hand not rude. Oh and the dressing rooms are not for the shy.
NoHo 20 University Place at the corner of 8th
10am-9pm all days but sunday 11am-8pm

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Funky Brazilian sushi

Another one of my favorites is the Shiki Kitchen. Japanese sushi with a Brazilian twist such as added banana or mango. If one likes fruit-in-food - like me - this is the place to go. Absolutely delicious. Not to mention the sprinkled tempura crackers on top. Keep an eye on the beer tho - Sapporo tastes great but half a liter is a bit much for one plate of Monday sushi. Last but not least - the ceiling is filled with highly creative paper art made by the the very cool chef.
EAST VILLAGE 135 1st Ave between St. Marks and 9th
mon-thu 3.00 pm - midnight fri-sun 1.30 pm - midnight

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spend an afternoon behind the tables

Being in New York and loving music - one can't miss out on the Scratch DJ Academy. Today was my first of six classes - and I will def use my full access to the turntables during these six weeks. For the someone who is not staying that long - book a one-to-one session. The place is so funky and the staff and teachers so nice. Superpro website and a nice voice in the other end if you need to call.
WEST VILLAGE 434 6th Ave between 9th and 10th
check the website for schedules and classes

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Always have a refuge

My best recommendation ever is to have a plan b. Anywhere you go - make sure to have another place nearby. For instance. If you would ever try out Café Habana - because you have heard so much good about it - and by chance the wait is over an hour, the waitress is really rude and someone places a dirty dishcloth by your not-finished drink seconds before you are asked to leave. Just cross the street to fabulous BarBossa instead. As simple as that.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Some ten years ago I lived in Beijing to study Chinese. Most of my friends were korean and we always had the most delicious korean food just outside of campus. In Sweden there are barely no korean restaurants at all - so here i New York I just eat as much and often as I can. There are quite a few nice spots in my hood but Snacky in Williamsburg makes it to strolling because of its nice prices late hours and red hot walls. And friendly staff of course.
WILLIAMSBURG 187 Grand St at Beford
6pm-1am all week and fri-sat until 3 am

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Beauty beyond beautiful

On my way to pick up Huffy at Spring Street I passed Face Stockholm today. Naturally I slowed my steps down and decided to have a quick look. And maybe some red blusher. Immediately I found the glittery powdery eyeshadows and - of course - my favourite green shining the brightest. Only seconds later I saw the beautiful magazine and fell in love. This is a genuine all thought-through business - perfect for balanced and beautiful makeup and also good recommendations from knowing and friendly staff. Beauty as an art rather than make up.
SOHO 110 Prince Street in the corner of Greene Street

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The cheapest coolest books ever

A friend of mine took me to his hours-spent favourite bookstore Housing Works Bookstore Cafe. And instantly I understood why. Spacious with quite a few tables wifi and a café. Superfriendly staff. Prices are fab as the books are either used or advance uncorrected proofs. And best of all - a whole shelf with brand new interesting literature on society and international politics. Along the balcony - serving as the second floor - there is another kind of selection. Gotta love this wedding book by Martha Stewart tho.
SOHO 126 Crosby Street just south of Houston
mon-fri 10am-9pm weekend noon-7pm

Monday, May 5, 2008

Clean and simple

On my way for take out I passed Reciprocal skateboards. On my way back I passed again. And after my late lunch I returned. I just had to buy one. Strolling by foot and bike just isn't enough. But I guess it'll take me a while to figure the whole thing out. Even though you won't buy - step in for the neat shop and friendly atmosphere. And a Vice.
EAST VILLAGE 402 E 11th St between Ave 1 and A
all days 1-7 except sun 1-5 and tuesdays closed

Sunday, May 4, 2008

In another part of the city

Usually I go against red - when biking - but this time I had to stop. At 5th Avenue. Too much hustle to even try. As I stood there I had a look around and I have to say this city is highly photogenic.
MIDTOWN 1 East 29th St at 5th Ave

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Actually a spacious restaurant in East village

Yesterday me and some friends had a late dinner at The Smith. A spacious cheap nice and friendly restaurant with beautiful photos on the walls. And very tasty burgers. Actually I learnt that the brunch always come with free drinks on Sundays and a burger and a beer cost some very cheap dollars - maybe 12 or 16 - in Sunday evenings. So for sure - this is a place for regular visits.
EAST VILLAGE 55 Third Avenue between 10th and 11th
10am till midnight weekends a bit later

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Bourgeois Pig might be the best name ever

The Bourgeois Pig is exactly as unexpected as its name. And funky. A fascinating red and dark mix of David Lynch, Delicatessen and the Vampire Bar in Florence - yet neat with sweet staff and comfy chairs. Actually this is the place I am always looking for without ever finding. Good to know tho - this is a wine and beer place. With chocolate fondues and desserts. No dinner no tonics no burgers.
EAST VILLAGE 122 E 7th St between Ave A and 1st
sun-thu 3pm-2am and fri-sat 3pm-4am

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Biking the streets of New York

No it's not the traffic. It's the streets. Seeing my bike people almost instantly ask me how I dare biking in this city. And then add - the cab drivers must be freaking you out. No not at all. Quite on the contrary cab drivers and bikers ride in symbiosis. No it's the streets. Filled with holes and bumps craving for attention. Part from that - biking is absolutely fab and in no way more dangerous than driving or walking. And the perfect way of commuting. Seeing so much more than a few subway stops and a couple of parks. All those streets and avenues connecting the main areas. And the small non-touristy homie parts.