Thursday, October 16, 2008

Funky Swedish House Mafia

Tonight The Swedish House Mafia - Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso - is back in New York. Just simply freaky love it. And this time not in dirty Pacha but in aircon Cielo. My first impression of Cielo was soso and my second just barely fine. But tonight it is not a matter of location but a matter of vibe. Both for the club hopping dancers and the true house nerds listening for those mixes.
NOHO 18 Little West 12th Street
Thursday 10PM-4AM

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Waiting for Bruce LaBruce

One odd night I met this beautiful Mikael Karlsson with blue hair and a white dress. Tomorrow he is playing his own music at The Stone in Alphabet City. The soundtrack for Bruce LaBruces latest film Otto; or, Up With Dead People - screened at MoMA October 27th. So basically for anyone in New York I strongly recommend Ave C tomorrow night 10 PM. For everyone else I recommend Mikael's MySpace.

Monday, August 25, 2008

For my Swedish readers

For those of you who understand Swedish - or how to manage the Google translator - I am now a columnist at the Swedish travel site Enjoy my first column on The Beaches of New York..!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Personal shopper in New York

Even though I advocate a longer stay in New York - there is a treat for shortstayers with a mission to shop. A personal shopper. Not so much to find that true inner personal style - but to find the right shops with the right style and price. To have a guide. The shoppers are still hard to find on internet - easier on craigslist. But as my dear friend Elisa Emejulu is a personal shopper since many years and knows the places by heart - she is my one and only recommendation for now.
NEW YORK Elisa Emejulu

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Taking a break from New York

I will leave New York for a while and I have been way too busy moving packing flying and jetlagging to update strolling. Nevertheless. As I still have loads of brilliant photos and even more recommendations I will keep posting. Sometimes friends of mine will make guest apperances as well. The updating pace will be some two times a week until I come back next spring. So stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just Scandinavian

Even though Just Scandinavian is a design shop - filled with the most beautiful furniture and fabrics - the main reason to step through those doors is inspiration. Take a stroll in this spatious and quiet room. Feel the exclusive fabrics of Joseph Frank - the laundry in Mamma Mia the Movie - or blade through the books abt Swedish design, culture and cooking. Have a chat with the owners who are supernice of course. Best of all - it is in the rough and funky Tribeca with chic and cheap restaurants just around the corner.
TRIBECA 161 Hudson Street at the corner of Laight
tue-fri 10am–6pm sat-sun noon-6pm - check site for summer hours

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mamma Mia..!

Sunday I saw Mamma Mia the Movie. Basically I agree with NY Times. However Mamma Mia made it to strolling by the mere fact that the ads are all over this city. Buss stops subway cars subway stations yellow cabs poster walls. No way anyone hasn't seen the beautiful happy brunet for the musical and blonde for the movie. They are in a third of my photos. And every time I see those ads I feel so happy.

Btw. The movie is well worth its 1.48 - not only for laughing tears at a singing Brosnan - but also for the Swedish address the Swedish flag the Swedish Björn Andersson playing piano and - most of all - the Swedish Joseph Frank's exclusive fabrics as hung laundry.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Royal Wigs is a must see

My gosh. The coolest little shop ever. Filled with wigs of all colors and all textures. Classy with 100% human hair and some really realistic hairs. And of course the sweetest staff. Well worth a visit and if you didn't intend to buy - you will nevertheless end up buying.
EAST VILLAGE to USQ 229 E. 14th Street btw 2nd and 3rd
mon-sat 10am-7pm sun 12pm-6.30pm

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A glimpse of heaven

The New York club scene is only a vague reminicent of greater days. My first impression of Cielo was corporate clubbing. Cautious people and A/C. Yesterday I gave Cielo another chance and went to Little Louie Vega Roots Night. The place and the people were pretty much the same - but the first hour a handful people danced so creatively it was like a performance. Past midnight the crowd got dancing and the music was funky ambient roots house. At 1 am the Video Music Box founder Ralph McDaniels was playing 80ies hard mixed music. And after not too long the floor was filled with breakdancers. Amazing. Cielo Wednesdays.
NOHO 18 Little West 12th Street
open all days - check calender for dj

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hudson River to my right

Hudson River to my left

Dipping my toes in Hudson

Sometimes I find it frustrating - constantly so close to the water without being able to jump into it. But on my bikeride up along the west side I found the perfect spot for dipping my toes. Just a step further into the water there is sand. The Hudson is probably quite dirty - but so is the city - and for my toes I don't mind. View coming.
WASHINGTON HEIGHTS 170th Street by Hudson

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fire Island

New York has plenty of beaches - Fire Island being one of the finest. Easily accessible through the Beach Package from Penn Station. Today I went to Sunken Forest by two trains a shuttle and a ferry - by far the cleanest ferry ever. All in all the trip is about two hours one way and 24 dollars there and back. The cutest small boats and tidy piers. Maybe a bit windy so waves are more for surfing than swimming.

Friday, July 18, 2008

At the end of Freeman Valley

Freemans has the most adorable interior perfectly dismatched with the coolest staff. Everyone is nice without being overnice. The brunch menu has a range from almost Swedish smoked trout and sourdough bread to American classical burger. Artichoke dip is a must. Somehow the place feels French tho. A star for the superclean restrooms. Not to mention the location in the tiny Freeman Alley. Love it.
LOWER EAST SIDE Freeman Alley at Rivington btw Christie & Bowery
seven days a week 11am-4pm and 6pm-11:30pm

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bikers in the making

In my early days of biking New York I was amazed by the security measures. Even the street biker symbol had a helmet. And now I have seen them being made. From the very bikers template. Amazed.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A strollers best friend

No matter how great shoes. Sometimes some help is needed. And I so prefer preventing blisters from healing them. Supposedly Blister Block is sold everywhere but can be tricky to find. So if you see it - buy it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Colorful heaven made my day

Strolling Chinatown as usual when i suddenly had a glimpse of heaven. Family-owned renowned Economy Candy with everything sweet you can imagine. Including the owner. Lovely staff lots of sweets nice atmosphere very affordable. Jellybeans and M&Ms en masse. Open seven days a week. Gotta love.
CHINATOWN 108 Rivington Street btw Essex and Ludlow
sun-fri 9am-6pm sat 10am-5pm

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another midtown rooftop

Rare View is a nice cosy rooftop quite similar to 230 fifth - but with a younger crowd and less people. Great view nice staff and decent beers. Some really comfy seats if you are early and consistent. Love the lightbulbs creating a ceiling. Only down side is the early closing.
In the pic - the Chrysler Building that was sold to Abu Dhabi Tuesday.
EAST MIDTOWN 303 Lexington Ave at 37th Street
evenings until 11pm - might stretch it till midnight - closed sundays

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eleni's fairy world

For an almost surreal experience - drop by Eleni's at Chelsea Market, opposite of the Chelsea Wine Vault. The walls are shining white. The logo is bright cerise. And the glass cubes are filled with cup cakes of all colors. It is like Alice in Wonderland or maybe a saga not yet told. There is also candy by the weight [lösgodis] - just as in Sweden..!
And - staff supernice but no pics allowed.. Blue logo from the bag.
CHELSEA 75 Ninth Ave at 15th street
weekdays 8am-8pm sat 9am-7pm sun 10am-6pm

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The New York waterfalls

At first I was surprised. To me the so talked-about waterfalls of New York were supposed to be breathtaking - adding on to the beautiful scene of the bridges. So imagine my confusion when I - on my daily walk by the East River - from a distance saw water rushing down a steel piece. Oh no - not a leakage. Not until close and seeing the other ones at a far distance I realised these were the mighty falls.

Now they have grown on me and I love them for being these tiny scaffold ladders. So New York somehow. Most probably even better from a boat view. Not to mention the artist Olafur Eliasson is Danish-Icelandic and there is further reading in Swedish.
LES B'LYN Gov Isl Pier 35 Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Piers and Governors Island
July 1st until October 13th.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Greek yoghurt place in SoHo

Yesterday I recommended ice cream and today yoghurt. But The Yoghurt Place II is in another part of Manhattan so no competition. Greek delicious yoghurt in all shapes. Love the cup with a small portion of yoghurt and lots of fig jam. For the sceptical one - read some true praise and surrender. Besides I was very happy to take a pic. Rare moment inside a shop. And so beautiful cookies.
SoHo 71 Sullivan Street btw Spring and Broome
everyday 10am-7pm

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Alphabet Scoop

If you feel like having an ice cream - take a stroll over to Alphabet Scoop. Not only home made and absolutely delicious ice cream - but also an amazing project for young kids to have employment. The shop is run by the Father's Heart to reduce violence and gang involvement. And the kids are really supernice - so stay for a chat.
ALPHABET CITY 543 East 11th Street
sun & tue-thu 2-8pm fri 3-9pm sat 11am-9pm mon closed

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Riding the subway

On the subway today a couple stands in front of me. Artistically dressed. Somehow I realise I am not the only one noticing. So does the cute mom with two kids who smiled at me before and the elderly sympathetic man next to me and the too-cool-for-school girl opposite me. Something is out of the ordinary. The young woman has a flared skirt and a hairband and the young man has a shirt and a vest. When they start kissing even more people look and then look down.

Suddenly the woman leaves the man and goes to the other end of the car. Without looking all of us are now watching. The man turns around takes a few steps grabs the bar and cries Oh Juliet..! The woman is at the bar at the other end and desperately echoes Oh Romeo..! Then a short dialogue by Shakespeare follows. They were excellent. Gave me the goose bumps all over. When the show was over we all clapped our hands while they told us we had just seen the project Shakespeare on the Subway.

The subway at 125th

I love a rainy morning. Some rusty steel. A new neighborhood. This is the 125th Street subway station - above the ground. Like it a lot.
COLUMBIA 125th Street

Friday, July 4, 2008

A true 4th of July Beer

Who can drink Heineken on the 4th of July. Besides. I do deeply love Brooklyn Beer for its graphic design. Summer Ale - blue and yellow - being my favourite. And of course it's delicious as well.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The NYC Cycling Map

Sunday I found the bike map. The one I have only seen on the internet so far. Oh my. I was in heaven the whole evening. Still am. It is all so clear. Where to buy a bike, rent a bike, fix a bike, take a bike. How to cross the bridges. Of course I know that deep down I didn't want the map cause I wanted to figure it out all on my own. But the New York cycling map is a huge recommandation for anyone biking or wannabe biking. Can be found in any bike shop.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Strolling Williamsburg

Beautiful townhouses on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Williamsburg. Bike the Williamsburg Bridge or take the L-train to Bedford. Have a brunch and stroll over to the Lorimer stop - then down the Lorimer street and under the bridge. Et voilà.
WILLIAMSBURG Bedford - Lorimer

Monday, June 30, 2008

Wineshops on Manhattan

Today I have been looking for a sparkling Italian wine. More precisely a beautiful bottle with an artistic green label and a handtied string over the cork. Looks classy tastes great and doesn't cost a fortune. Well. I didn't find it. But I did find three supernice wineshops. At the Winfield-Flynn Ltd. in Midtown I was recommended the Chelsea Wine Vault and thereafter I went to Discovery Wines in my own Alphabet City. All staff supernice. Not afraid to recommend other shops. Clever questions on drinking purpose. Great interior - great cards.
MIDTOWN Winfield-FLynn 558 Third Ave at 37th street
CHELSEA Chelsea Wine Vault 75 Ninth Ave at 15th street
ALPHABET CITY Discovery Wines 10 Ave A at Houston

Privacy policies

Strolling New York is all about me being genuinely curious. Asking and documenting. As simple as that. I guess that is one of the reasons why I love our time. Everything is so accessible. Not everyone is like me tho. People I stroll by - with the most fantastic ideas and creative plans - are afraid. Of our time of people like me of Internet and most of all - of cameras. Usually I'm not allowed to take a pic inside a shop - no matter how much I show my businesscard or let them approve the photo. People are terrified. I am of course used to another and much more open society. But I do sincerely hope people will let down their guard a little bit and take the advantage of the Internet. Soon.

This is the lock of one of those supersecretive superprivate shops.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bike repair at Lorimer

My favourite bike repair is in Williamsburg. No businesscard no accessories no fancy schmancy. A tad quiet to begin with - but getting more and more talkative. Always very professional and efficient. They fix the bike on the street while you are waiting. Go for a coffe or hang out with the funky crowd. There are also bikes for sale.
WILLIAMSBURG 636 Lorimer Street
Open all days of the week. Usually close 7pm weekdays.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Russian candy at Brighton Beach

As everyone else I deeply love all the different cultures in this city. Most of all I love to go to Korea China and Russia - all in one day. Just a few blocks from the Brighton Beach subway there is a delicatessen with Turkish and Russian food. And candy. I was so happy when I found this Russian fudge. Absolutely delicious.
BROOKLYN Brighton Beach Exakt address to come shortly.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Midtown not to be forgotten

Last fall I spent some decent time in Midtown. Mainly office hours far up in some skyscrape - but also quick lunches and walks to other offices. Yesterday I had a morning appointment just by Madison Square Garden. And I have to say - few things are as fotogenique as some good old New York skyscrapes. Take a stroll along 6th Ave up to 33rd Street over to Madison Square Garden and continue on 8th Ave up to Central Park. Ave 6 and 8 are my favorite walking avenues.
MIDTOWN 33th Street betw 7th and 8th Ave
Morning hours for the best light.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Live at Ludlow

Pianos on Ludlow is a nice and cosy bar - surprisingly enough with a concert room in the back. Only 8 dollars for all bands playing. First band out was Running still - ballads and more hardcore rock. A very good singer and an extremely entertaining drummer - Zack. Worth seeing live only because of him. A bit later The Bones of Davey Jones with bluegrass-kletzmer made us dance and clap our hands. Great crowd. Nice staff. Pianos is well worth some love for their live music.
LOWER EAST SIDE 158 Ludlow Street two streets south of Houston
coming soon...

Monday, June 23, 2008

A long New York day at the beach

Some days it is really hard to believe Manhattan NewYorkers are only 45 minutes away from a huge beach with bright blue sky - superfine sand - and refreshingly cold water. Best of all - it's not even crowded. And a total bonus is the kitschy fairground of Coney Island and the Russian neighborhood in Brighton Beach.
BROOKLYN Coney Island or Brighton Beach Subway N or Q

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mermaid Parade on Coney Island

A less traditional summer celebration is the Mermaid Parade. And what place can be more suitable for a kitschy and cheesy parade than Coney Island. Actually some of the participants were really good. But most of them were just for fun. And for naked.. This year was the 25th anniversary - and in the evening there was even a Mermaid ball.
BROOKLYN Coney Island
21st of June - next year i guess...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Swedish Midsummer in New York

Sweden may be known for cold weather and darkness - but that's only the winter truth. Summertime temperatures rise and days never end. The Swedish solstice - Midsummer - is celebrated since pagan days. Most people go to the countryside and eat typical Swedish food such as dark sourdough bread herring salmon meatballs - the smorgasbord - and then a juicy piece of strawberry cake with whipped cream.

Swedish Midsummer in New York is in Battery Park and - I do have to say - is a recommendation for next year. Either come early to avoid lines to delicious Swedish food - or bring your own picknick put together by Swedish friends. Even bottles are allowed. The New York Park Department is organising the event in close cooperation with The Swedish Consulate and Swedish sponsors.
Friday between 19th-25th of June.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Free Williamsburg

To get myself around New York I use a lot of different guides - as you can see among the links. Only favourites make it to my list - and Free Williamsburg is the latest add. Great info on restaurants and bars in a perfect strolling area. I especially like the cool background on the website - and therefore borrowed some dots.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Acqua Santa

Acqua Santa is a cosy Williamsburg spot. Good pizza and pasta - don't hesitate to try the beet gnocchi. Most of all I like the interior and atmosphere - very homie. Staff is nice and friendly and the owner quite something. Go see! E per favore - parli in italiano con lui. Winebar will open soon.
WILLIAMSBURG 556 Driggs Ave Corner of North 7th Street
mon-thu noon-11pm fri noon-midnight sat 11am-midnight sun 11am-11pm

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The perfect strolling route

Some of my friends are visiting from Sweden and I am so happy they understand what New York is all about. Strolling. Today we took a stroll from Union Square via a coffee at the undercover Starbucks at Washington Square Park and down south to Prince Street. Prince to Broadway and a couple of streets down Broadway. It doesn't have to be more difficult than that. Supercute and supernice. On my way home cross China Town and up to Alphabet City I had this beautiful view at Houston and Essex. Looks lite Cuba to me. Gotta love.

Monday, June 16, 2008

IKEA Brooklyn opens Wednesday

IKEA will have its grand opening in Brooklyn Wednesday morning.

Actually I took this pic without any thoughts of the opening. Passed a huge IKEA ad at 4 am Saturday morning. When I sat down on the sidewalk for a closeup of the logo - some kids laughed and yelled IKEA all over the street. What I love about the photo is the haze - accentuated by the sharp orange spots that are actual street lamps.
BROOKLYN 1 Beard Street
Open 9am Wednesday June 18 | thereafter 10am-10pm every day

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Beautiful New York pieces

Slipped into Fishs Eddy porcelain shop only minutes before the thunder storm yesterday. The sticky heat outdoors was transformed into a warm and nice homie feeling indoors. Now I know where everyone buys supercute Manhattan cups. Not to mention I fell in love with the Brooklyn bowls. Super nice staff dressed in Manhattan tees. Basically the perfect place to buy classy New York stuff. And enjoy the oil canvas portraits on the walls. - fortunately not for sale.
One can even stay at home and buy online.
FLATIRON 889 Broadway at corner of 19th Street
mon 10am-9pm tue-sat 9am-9pm sun 10am-8pm

Saturday, June 14, 2008

European soccer in New York

Simply love soccer. So no choice but to see the Euro2008. The last game I tried to watch indie-style on a Chinese bar down-town. Bad idea. Reluctantly I decided to try the Tonic Bar although I saw it as a tad cheesy. But I was wrong. It is actually the perfect place for a soccer game. Decent food - efficient staff - a variety of beers - large screens - A/C - english-speaking speakers (yes in my part of the city they are spanish-speaking). Organised by the International Swede.
MIDTOWN 727 7th Ave between 48 and 49
Sweden-Russia Wednesday 2.45 pm. Be early for good seating.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Organic Avenue B

Another perfect spot on Ave B is Back Forty. Not only do they have delicious food and supernice staff - which is kinda mandatory to make it to strolling - they are also green. Or at least as green as one can be in the middle of New York. Most of the food is bought at the Farmer's Market on Union Square only a few blocks away. And still affordable prices. Also note that the owner owns Savoy in SoHo.
ALPHABET CITY 190 Ave B between 12 and 13
mon-thu 6pm-11pm fri-sat 6pm-midnight sun also brunch

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Just love those stairs. Good for escape good for anyone being locked out good for parties. And quite graphic at the Manhattan scene.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A disappointing heaven

House and clubbing in New York seems like a long gone fairy tale. Last summer a friend of mine insisted I should go to Cielo as "the best commercial club for house". It took me a year but Friday I went. Well. Seamus Haji was playing and he wasn't bad. But no one was dancing. The club was rather empty and mostly men. Bathroom supernice and bouncers supersweet. But no. Don't go there a Friday unless your favourite DJ is playing. Weekdays may work tho.
BONUS The best song played was... PJANOO. Of course. Swedish.
NOHO 18 Little West 12th Street
open all days - check calender for dj

Monday, June 9, 2008

New York Communication System

Gotta love all those New York signs and messages. Especially the varieties of keep-your-voice-down. This one being a favourite.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Avenue B for dining

There will be a series of B recommendations from now on. As I couldn't go very far for some weeks I explored my own neighborhood. Rue B is a classy yet homie spot with superb food and great service. Dinner offers asparagus artichoke prusciotto olives mozarella and brunch includes delicious pancakes with strawberries or classical salmon bagels. Share one foodie and one sweetie - cause the portions are generous. Best part is walking through the kitchen to find the outdoor seats. Tiny and funky.
ALPHABET CITY 188 Ave B between 11 and 12
weekdays 4pm-4am weekends 11am-4am [happy hour weekdays]

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dashing SoHo spot

Barmarché is a SoHo oasis I found last fall. Yesterday I took a friend for a salad before clubbing. Oh my gosh. The service is brilliant. Brilliant. Food is great and prices affordable. And a classy interior.
SOHO 14 Spring Street at the corner of Elizabeth

Parking lot