Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Epitaph for George Dillon

Tonight I went to 45th Street Theatre to see a friends friend play. No expectations whatsoever. A tiny intimate theatre. And I have to say it was really good. Low key yes. But good. Especially the second act - where some quite thoughtful dialogues got me thinking. About stereotypes and cliches. Noncurious people. Artsyness really being nothing but religiousness. Worth seeing for the colorful setup only.
And thanks to Paloma Pigeon I found the official website.
HELL'S KITCHEN 354 West 45th Street btw Ave 8 and 9
call 212 613 6328 for hours dates and prices


Anonymous said...

I also have a friend in George Dillon, Anna Garduno, and went to see it on Thursday night. I was very pleasantly surprised, since I'd wondered if a 2 1/2 hour play was really going to hold the audience's attention. It did.

Hopefully there will be enough positive word of mouth that they'll be able to take it to the next level. Hope springs eternal.

Elina Jonsson said...

I'm so glad you also liked it..! Usually word of mouth actually works. Besides - now at least all of OUR friends know its good :)

Anonymous said...

A friend who attended with me -- and who did the website for this production of George Dillon -- has thrown up some thoughts about what we saw here.

I believe there is a very good chance we'll be seeing a NY Times piece on this great NY underdog story.

Elina Jonsson said...

Actually me and some friends just talked about how supercommercial and - yes - Disneyfied Broadway has become. And expensive. 120-160 dollars per ticket and people actually pay it.

I do agree with your friends article. But I also have to say that musicals and shows on Broadway are supposed to be more commercial fun entertaining. The only thing is they are not anymore - as all the perfection kills the nerve.