Saturday, June 14, 2008

European soccer in New York

Simply love soccer. So no choice but to see the Euro2008. The last game I tried to watch indie-style on a Chinese bar down-town. Bad idea. Reluctantly I decided to try the Tonic Bar although I saw it as a tad cheesy. But I was wrong. It is actually the perfect place for a soccer game. Decent food - efficient staff - a variety of beers - large screens - A/C - english-speaking speakers (yes in my part of the city they are spanish-speaking). Organised by the International Swede.
MIDTOWN 727 7th Ave between 48 and 49
Sweden-Russia Wednesday 2.45 pm. Be early for good seating.


Tom said...

What's better are the several hundred other Swedish fans there to see the match. Nothing like a the squeal of deligt from the crowd as goal is scored.

Elina Jonsson said...


And I do hope we will have reason to hear some squeals on Tuesday :)

Elina Jonsson said...

so obviously i was longing too much... the game is on wednesday.. of course..