Saturday, June 21, 2008

Swedish Midsummer in New York

Sweden may be known for cold weather and darkness - but that's only the winter truth. Summertime temperatures rise and days never end. The Swedish solstice - Midsummer - is celebrated since pagan days. Most people go to the countryside and eat typical Swedish food such as dark sourdough bread herring salmon meatballs - the smorgasbord - and then a juicy piece of strawberry cake with whipped cream.

Swedish Midsummer in New York is in Battery Park and - I do have to say - is a recommendation for next year. Either come early to avoid lines to delicious Swedish food - or bring your own picknick put together by Swedish friends. Even bottles are allowed. The New York Park Department is organising the event in close cooperation with The Swedish Consulate and Swedish sponsors.
Friday between 19th-25th of June.


schmunk said...

Inlagd sill, nypotatis, graddfil, graslok.

Elina Jonsson said...

åååh nu tror jag att jag måste fira midsommar en gång till....

at midsummer i realised i have to go to IKEA in brooklyn for some lunch. soon.