Monday, June 30, 2008

Wineshops on Manhattan

Today I have been looking for a sparkling Italian wine. More precisely a beautiful bottle with an artistic green label and a handtied string over the cork. Looks classy tastes great and doesn't cost a fortune. Well. I didn't find it. But I did find three supernice wineshops. At the Winfield-Flynn Ltd. in Midtown I was recommended the Chelsea Wine Vault and thereafter I went to Discovery Wines in my own Alphabet City. All staff supernice. Not afraid to recommend other shops. Clever questions on drinking purpose. Great interior - great cards.
MIDTOWN Winfield-FLynn 558 Third Ave at 37th street
CHELSEA Chelsea Wine Vault 75 Ninth Ave at 15th street
ALPHABET CITY Discovery Wines 10 Ave A at Houston


helen said...

Nice post Elina. It is always good when someone recommends shops or places, because it can save people with limited time a lot of hassle when looking for a good wine store.

Scott Reiner said...


My name is Scott and I am one of the owners of Discovery Wines. I am glad you enjoyed your experience. Say hello next time you visit us.

Elina Jonsson said...

helen - thank you for your comment - is the wine store yours or are you one of its satisfied customers..?

scott - glad you found my brief review. usually i drop a card when i decide to write something but this day was a bit tough.. i'll most definitely introduce myself next time i stop by. btw love your location by houston and a.