Tuesday, June 3, 2008


All my apologies for letting go of this site for three weeks. Monday the 13th I experienced my first bike accident and it turned out pretty bad. A cab driver suddenly and absolutely unexpectedly opened his door when I passed by on my bike. It was all his fault and I had no chance whatsoever predicting the situation. The edge of the door cut into my foot and suddenly I had a wound to broad to even stitch.

The process of being injured in another country taught me a lot of things. First of all I realised that the American health care isn't as bad or expensive as the rumours say. Quite the contrary. I went to Beth Israel at 34th street and was x-rayed and taken care of so well it exceeded all my experiences in Sweden. I also realised the worst part was neither the accident nor the cut - but the fact I got handicapped in New York and couldn't walk - at all - for ten days. My experiences of being different in Alphabet City got a whole new aspect.

Last but not least - I once again fell in love with my bike - that has taken me everywhere I couldn't walk. Slowly I have recovered and now I can walk pretty much as before. It will probably take yet another week or two before I am fully recovered tho. Yesterday I had my first bike across the bridges and it was fine - part from muscles and foot being a bit sore today.
LOWER MIDTOWN 55 East 34th Street between Park and Madison
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linda said...

Very frightening... I am glad you are ok.

Elina Jonsson said...

thank you..!

yes it was quite a journey actually. but at least next time i know where to go... :) most empathetic doctors i have ever met.